Server News / 1.9 Update

Sken OWNERADMIN posted Feb 17, 16

Hello all,

So as many of you have realised, there has been little progress towards updating to 1.9, there is only one reason for that atm and that is because I have been extremely busy with University. My second year is coming to an end and I have a ton of coursework and exams to get done. Work on the network will hopefully start once everything is done.

I will post updates on what will be heppening to the network when I've planned it out. One thing I unfortunately have to say is, due to the changes made in 1.9 to how biomes and terrain is generated, the Factions world will probably have to be reset again, I know this is not what a lot of people want, but it's either that or watch the world corrupt itself.

Anyways more updates soon.

Update: Apologies for no updates yet, been busy and ill alot irl, should hopefully have update stuff sorted within the next week or two.

See you on the server :D


jelly123321 Keep up the good work sken, i hope soon you will update the server, but you deserve some time
SePTeM8eR when its gonna update?
Jasonstory BANNED Resetting Would Be Recommended Because Of The New 1.9 Terrains And Structures. Wouldn't Be Awesome To Find Loot In...